Who’s Rod?

Introducing…my beautiful ‘ohana (family)! My lovely wife Beckie, of over 26 years, home schools our 3 growing children. Kai is 20 years old, Koa is 18 and Princess Malia is 15 years old.

My wife hails from Kansas City, MO having finished her college education at the University of Hawaii. We met at church in Hawaii, started dating in 1984, got married in June of ’85 and moved to Kansas City in March of ’86, where I attended Bible College and entered into full time Pastoral ministry in 1990. We moved back to Honolulu in September of 2000 through the invitation of Pastor Wayne to be on staff at New Hope Christian Fellowship.

I am currently serving as New Hope’s Equipping Director, discovering, developing and deploying volunteers and leaders!

Hobbies:  Guitar, Boxing, Running, Snorkeling, studying family life, leaders and disciples.

Favorite Food:  half a pint of Hagen Daz coffee ice cream and half a pint of peanut butter chocolate – “O what a feeling!”  The “yaya shake (espresso, ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate)” and acai bowl at Health Bar is incredible.

Spare time:  Watch MMA, boxing…with a bowl of ice cream!  Exercise.  Play guitar.

I dislike:  home repair work – Yuk!!!  But…happy wife, happy life!  A repaired, well kept home equals a great sex life and marriage!  (can’t believe I wrote that!)