All Things New

John Danganan


And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also, he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” - Revelation 21:5


The idea of “new” is probably the major theme of Revelation chapter 21. There is to be a new: heaven (v.1); earth (v.1); Jerusalem (v.2); all things (v.5). In fact, Jesus reiterates that he is making all things new and asks John to write it down because the fact that he is making all things new is a trustworthy and true statement. This new earth is a place where God himself will dwell with his people and a place where there is no death, mourning, crying and pain. The new Jerusalem is made of precious stones and jewels where there is no temple because God himself is the temple providing light to the nations. In God’s case, newer is definitely better!


Reading the all things that Jesus is making new has given me a new hunger and vision of heaven. I am anticipating the day where God himself will dwell with us and among us. I am looking forward to the day where there is no crying, mourning, pain or death. Also, I am realizing that the “new” work that God created started with him making a new humanity i.e. “new creation" with those in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). God categorically made a new heart in me. A new heart with a new desire and appetite that wants to please him, know him, love him and serve him. In Christ, God created a new mind. A mind of Christ to think of things that are noble, pure, true, lovely. Am I walking in the newness of my new self in Christ? Admittedly, I was a lot more looking forward to Thursday night football last night as I was getting up this morning to do my devotions. I was more excited to sit on my couch to watch grown men run around and throw a leather ball back and forth than to sit at the feet of God himself in worship. As I’m writing this, I’m beginning to realize that I’ve definitely fed my old self more than my new self. This morning is a renewal to my first love to live in my new heart and my new mind.


Father God,
Thank you for speaking to me this morning and renewing my fervor for you. Please forgive me for not walking in my new mind in you. I repent for not thinking with the mind of Christ in my situations. Would you please give me grace and strengthen me to walk in the new life with you? I love you. Maranatha!

Devotions for September 16

Ezekiel 40,41
Psalms 128
Revelation 21

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