Who's In Control?

Jon Burgess


“And now, compelled by the Spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there." Acts 20:22


As Paul shares his farewells with the church in Ephesus he reviews what has led him to this point and who is leading him onward. It's very clear that Paul gets his marching orders from The Holy Spirit. When He talks about being "compelled by the Spirit" it literally means "bound in his spirit by the Holy Spirit". There's a contrast between his spirit and the Holy Spirit that's important to note. Paul uses similar language in Romans 8:16, "For His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God's children." Between the two verses, we can find both an intimacy and an intensity. Paul is bound by a high sense of duty as well as a deep sense of destiny. He is telling the church "I don't know what will happen to me but I know the One who is holding me."


The answer to the question, "Who's in control?" can easily be discerned by looking at my prayer life. Am I praying, "Lord, bless what I'm doing."? Or am I praying, "Lord, let me do what You're blessing."? Am I praying, "I'll obey once You show me what's next."? Or am I praying, "Lord, I will obey as You show me what's next."? There's so much that I want to control even though I sing songs to the Holy Spirit like "Lord, I give You my heart. I give You my soul. Lord, have Your way in me." The true test of whether my spirit is submitted to His Holy Spirit is found in my willingness to obey when there's lack of clarity and it's unto obscurity. Often I am controlled by fear, lack, insecurity, busyness and more. I want to live compelled by the Spirit because I am controlled by the Spirit and submitting my spirit to His even when it doesn't make sense.


I am Your child. You are my God. I give You control of what's going to happen next because You're the only One who really knows anyhow. Paul was willing to leave ahealthy ministry and close companions to face trials and tribulations simply because You told him to. I pray that my spirit would be so submitted to Yours that rather than arguing, or resisting, delaying, or excusing I would be running full force into all You have for me!

Devotions for February 13

Leviticus 20,21,22
Acts 20

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