The Grandeur of God

Rod Shimabukuro


It’s difficult for me to single out one verse today - having read through the first 3 chapters of Genesis several times. If I had to choose - what is standing out to me is …

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen. 1:1.

God created, God said, God made, God saw, God set, God called, God blessed… ALL GOD!


The observation filling my heart today is that it’s all about God. While God introduces Himself as Creator of all, then subjecting man and woman to a serpent, allowing a freedom to choose - The story of Genesis is about God - His character, His ways, His heart, His Godness!

As I read the first 3 chapters of Genesis, I see God as God - who does as He pleases, for whatever reason or purpose. The magnificence and grandeur of God!


My application is simple - today and everyday I have the blessing of God to live on this earth...
Who am I to question God? But I do. I don’t always trust, understand, even like how God allows things to happen. I am so ill-apt to understand. I fall so short of knowing and understanding Him.

But who am I to question this God??
I want to - Question to “know God, and grow in Him”

But I...
...Question when I doubt HIm?
...Question to establish my opinion, position, conviction.

The right questions to ask are ones’s that lead me to “know God.” To question HIm in sincerity, longing to know and grow in Him. Questioning HIs ways and purpose that I might please Him - and not live for myself.


Dear Spirit of God - who roamed the heavens and the earth.
You were creating with God - and I ask that you help me to ask the right questions of God - of the Word of God. Help me to grow as Your child, to be discerning to live to please You. May I represent you in the Garden of this earth with integrity and love.

Devotions for January 01

Genesis 1,2
Luke 1

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