What if...

Jeff Weinkauf


Gen 24: 5-8

5The servant answered, “But what if the woman refuses to leave home and come with me? Do I then take your son back to your home country?”

6-8Abraham said, “Oh no. Never. By no means are you to take my son back there. God, the God of Heaven, took me from the home of my father and from the country of my birth and spoke to me in solemn promise, ‘I’m giving this land to your descendants.’ This God will send his angel ahead of you to get a wife for my son. And if the woman won’t come, you are free from this oath you’ve sworn to me. But under no circumstances are you to take my son back there.”

9So the servant put his hand under the thigh of his master Abraham and gave his solemn oath.


It’s interesting to me that in God’s service we’re often asked the impossible, or at the very least the implausible. That’s where we find Abraham and his servant today, at the cross roads of impossible and implausible.

His servant or “Chamberlin” is a man of action and logistics. He’s the one in charge of making it all happen in Abraham’s house. So naturally when asked to do something he’s curious about details, about contingencies in case plan A doesn’t work out. He’s about getting things done for Abraham, therefore a non result is not typically acceptable.

So his questions are understandable, “but what if….” You can feel him wrestling with the implausible nature of Abraham’s request.

Abraham on the other hand is secure in the asking “go find my son a wife”. He already knows something about God and promises. He has learned by this point in his life that God’s timing is perfect even when it doesn’t line up with his view of the story. I mean who has a baby when they’re 100 years old? That’s impossible, Right? But wait – our impossible/implausible has no bearing on the living God.

Abraham reminds his servant of what he’s learned – The God who has brought me this far, the one who took me from nothing to where I stand today is the one who will provide for this request. He is sending his angel ahead to get a wife for my son. If (implausibly) after all that she won’t come, it’s not on you. In fact I also release you from your personal oath.

So if on this implausible trip, the impossible happens (where God almighty does not come through) you’re off the hook. All you have to do is be faithful to go.


I can rationalize myself out of all kinds of things. The impossible/implausible become part of my reasoning and then push out the reality of whom we serve. Faith can get small, and God is in a religious “box” where over time he becomes pale and impotent. That’s why I think we’re sometimes less effective at being who we are called to be. Our job isn’t to figure it all out, or to master all contingency. Sometimes it’s simply to go prepared, trusting God for His part. He will come through. He always does.


God please help me to see your promises as complete. Knowing your timing is perfect. Please help me to not confuse my part with your part. Amen.

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