Praying According to His Will

Marsha Kochi


1 John 5:14This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.


God promises eternity to all that believe in Him, and this includes an ongoing relationship with Him. Whatever we pray, and ask in His Will, He Hears.


This is not to be confused in asking everything and anything that we so desire, but what is in His Will, He will hear and answer accordingly. This enforces why I should go to Him with all the things that I need guidance in. Many times I've made decisions that did not end up favorable, because I didn't go to Him first. If I truly want to know what God's Will is, I need to continue to examine His Word, seek the Holy Spirit in interpreting what I need to hear, and pray for guidance in my decisions making.


Thank You Lord for allowing Your Will to perfect ​the plans that You have for my life​. Thank You that You don't answer all my prayers, but that You know exactly what I need, and what is right for me. ​Help me to always seek You first, and even if I am not in agreement, help me to wait to see, what Your Will is for me.

Devotions for August 24

Jeremiah 33,34
Psalms 74
1 John 5

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