Astonishing Authority

Rod Shimabukuro


and they were astonished at his teaching, for his word possessed authority. Luke 4:32 ESV


In the synagogue, Jesus spoke the Law, taught the people and His word possessed authority. Jesus also cast out a demon from a man with an unclean spirit. This demon acknowledge Jesus as the Holy One of God. Other demons who Jesus cast out addressed Him as the Son of God. Jesus silenced the demons and wouldn’t allow them to speak. With authority and power He commands demons to come out.

The power, authority Jesus ministered with was not just something He possessed. It is who He was and is. He is Power. He is Authority. And the Son of God demonstrated His power and authority as God through teaching and miracles.


There are people who lead songs, teach studies, lead ministries. Then there are people who possess God’s anointing who’s service is filled with power and authority. I think there’s a difference between being gifted and being anointed. The authority and power Jesus possessed and demonstrated was beyond His “gifting.”

Today, I want to be anointed. I desire God to anoint the gifting He’s given me or just flat out anoint me to speak, lead, be filled and live with His authority and power. I don’t want to just serve Him with “my gifts.” I want His astonishing anointing - His astonishing authority and power to be demonstrated through my entire life.


May the words of my mouth at home as a husband, father be filled with wisdom, grace and authority. Not just being authoritative - but having an authority that establishes peace, love, sound instruction and guidance.

And Lord...may I humbly and bold ask for Your anointing to be filled with Your power and authority to shepherd Your people, to teach Your Word May my words possess an authority that astonished people to LOVE and LIVE FOR YOU!

Devotions for September 21

Daniel 7,8
Psalms 137
Luke 4

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