Invest in Kingdom Messengers

Rod Shimabukuro


He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God. Acts 1:3 ESV


Luke records that Jesus presented HImself alive to the apostles after He died. The apostles had received instructions from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit while He was alive. The Kingdom of God is a primary message during the 40 days after HIs resurrection

It seems that Jesus could’ve made a lot more cameo appearances, showing up at Pilate, Herod, the High Priests doorsteps to proclaim the truth and promises of God. He could’ve had so many “See, I told you so…” encounters. BUT no - Jesus spent time revealing Himself to and strengthening HIs disciples. The apostles were chosen again, to receive the time and investment of their resurrected Lord!


There’s something valuable, special about the consistency of Jesus investing in His 12. Well, 11 after His resurrection. The worthy MESSAGE of the KINGDOM OF GOD was deposited in 11 men - and others He revealed HImself to after His resurrection.

My take away is to invest in the faithful. TO be careful not to look for the “superstars or popular” to invest in. Sometimes, I think us Christian leaders get caught up looking to invest in the “influential businessman or leader” that we forget about being faithful to invest in fishers of men - who love the King and the message of the Kingdom!



Dear Jesus,

Forgive me for some of my motives and attitudes towards who I see as “commoners.” Oh my God… please forgive me. It’s an internal, sickening trap of sinful thoughts. My investment becomes more about Me than who I’m investing in. I make myself sick sometimes - thinking thoughts and feeling motives of comparing and judging people. Pardon my iniquities and cleanse me from ALL unrighteousness!

Devotions for October 12

Nehemiah 7,8
Acts 1

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