Responsible for others maturity

Rod Shimabukuro


Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me. Colossians 1:28-29


Paul is writing to saints, to the faithful Christians in the church of Colossae. They are strong in faith, love for their spiritual family and hope in what Christ has prepared for His people in heaven. After recording a powerful prayer and the supremacy of Jesus, Paul exhorts them to continue in the faith, stable, steadfast - not shifting from the hope of the gospel. There is a possibility to “SHIFT AWAY” from walking in the truth.

So here is Paul’s heart as an apostle, overseer, pastor, teacher of Jesus in v.28-29! Teaching involves warnings with wisdom. Wisdom to know God and how to think, believe and live for Him - for His glory. I believe Paul’s hard work and struggle involves a responsibility to present God’s family a mature in Jesus. He realizes the powerful work, energy of God is his source.


I feel such a growing weight of responsibility to help others to grow in Christ. Maturing disciples is the heart of God and His work of energy in me - to present everyone mature. How is this even possible??? To present everyone mature in Jesus?? But everyone is God’s responsibility, not mine.

What is my responsibility is proclaiming, warning, teaching - with wisdom, the Word of God. It’s not an academic responsibility. It’s a personal relationship responsibility. But I must study, prepare - to teach His Word with conviction.

I feel like Paul (well...I’m not qualified to compare myself with Paul) - I feel a burden, a toil, a struggling ...with Jesus passion. I sense Him powerfully working in me by His Spirit - to present the church as mature in Him. It’s a vision that is not mine.


So Lord, since this feeling, weight, burden, struggle, I’m sensing is from You, for You...I dedicate my heart and life and time and study of Your Holy Word to You! Accomplish Your powerful work in and through me. Help me not to get things done on my own.

Help me to continue trusting in You - as You work powerfully in me to will and do of Your good pleasure! I really Love You - Happy Daddies Day! You are the Greatest of ALL!

Devotions for June 15

1 Kings 16
2 Chronicles 15,16
Colossians 1

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