Prepare for the Battles

John Tilton


Acts 14:21-22

They preached the gospel in that city and won a large number of disciples. Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said.


As Paul and Barnabas preached a won many people to Christ, they strengthened the converts to anticipate challenges and hardships so that they would be able to prepare and remain true to the faith of Christ, knowing that in the eye of the storm is often where people waiver, bail out or quit.


It is often thought that coming to Christ will protect us from challenges. However, we know that coming to receive Christ is the answer of our eternal salvation and how we shall live life, not insulation from challenges. Strengthening ourselves can be done through devotions with God’s Word, time in prayer with the Lord and fellowshipping with others who are like-minded in the Lord that one may glean and be encouraged by others.


Dear Lord, prepare me for battle that I may withstand the challenges in my life that may come my way. Nourish me through your Word and speak to me in my private life with you.

Devotions for February 07

Leviticus 4,5,6
Acts 14

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