Trust and Obey

Pat McFall


"If you listen to what I tell you and follow my ways and do whatever I consider to be right, and if you obey my decrees and commands, as my servant David did, then I will always be with you. I will establish an enduring dynasty for you as I did for David, and I will give Israel to you."

1 Kings 11:38


This is the beginning of the end. All of the success of Solomon is about to be undone because he didn't do what God had asked of him (i.e. Follow my covenant, follow my ways). Maybe in the end he was unable or unwilling, either way the result was his disqualification from leading God's people. Rebellion is funny like that, it doesn't matter if it's passive or active because the result is still separation from God and His best.

So now we have the nation being handed over to a 'servant' of Solomon. With one prophetic word, the balance of power and potential has shifted from one man to another and his name is Jeroboam. What do we know about him? We know that he was a high capacity leader, we know that he was diligent and good at his job. Other than that we don't know much but God has chosen him. Why? Maybe to make a point that He has made since the beginning: God can and will choose and use ANYONE to accomplish His purposes. We aren't sure about the 'rebellion' that is described in vs. 27. Maybe he tried to make a play against Solomon in the zealous excitement of this word from God. Maybe it was just the treason of Ahijah's prophetic word, but either way Jeroboam flees to Egypt.

So here Jeroboam has this incredible opportunity that no one from his tribe has ever had: to rule a nation. The word of Ahijah was simple enough. "Trust God and follow His commands and God will do the rest." There was no other directive in the prophetic word. God would take care of the process, but Jeroboam acted instead of trusting. Even if he didn't act in order to get Solomon to try and kill him he still shows his cards when he finally does get the popularity vote when Rehoboam decides to rule by dominance instead of discernment. Jeroboam has it in the bag. If the adversaries around Solomon didn't take care of it then his own son would. All he needed to do now was 'keep the covenant.' Nope! Instead he gets fearful, so instead of letting God do what God said He would do, Jeroboam tries to do God's job. He leads an entire nation into idolatry and eventually into slavery because he tried to control what wasn't his to control. He refused to trust. Now for generations the phrase, 'sins of Jeroboam' would follow the Kings after.


First, God can and will use anyone to accomplish His purpose. This is an incredible equalizer in leadership and in discipleship that allows us to steer clear of the trap of comparison and to focus simply on what God is asking us to do with what's in front of us. Second, When we get fearful, we can get trigger happy on quick and unwise decisions to help alleviate the fear, anxiety or anger that we are feeling at that moment. In that moment it feels so real and so BIG that it demands action. But I have to ask myself a few questions: Will I try and control something that I can't or will I trust? Will I choose fear or love? Will I lay a foundation of trust and hope for my kids or will I choose to pass on anxiety and control? I need to TRUST. I need to reaffirm the truth that God is in control and that nothing is happening in my life that he is not aware of. He brought me here and He will sustain me here.


I choose you Jesus. I trust you and I know that you will continue to encourage me here in my assignment to love God's people and to love my family. I don't need to prove myself and I don't need to make decisions in haste, anger or anxiety. What you have for me in my life you will give and I cannot work to earn it. It's a free gift that I'm not qualified for anyway.

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