God set me apart

Rod Shimabukuro


Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God, Romans 1:1


Knowing the challenges the church in Rome faced, Paul sets the tone for his teaching by establishing his identity in God. Paul is first a servant of the Lord, who is called to function, teach, lead, shepherd as an apostle. His purpose, passion, focus and priority is the Gospel of God.

He will take on the challenges of confronting the issues between Jews and Gentiles. They clashed in how they observed and lived out the law. The 2 cultures approached the interpretation of sin, God grace, faith, righteousness, God’s judgement with such differing convictions. The central focus of what the Gospel means is what Paul serves the Jewish and Gentile believers in Romans.


I really want to be like my mentor Paul!

Servant of Jesus

I don’t ever want to lose a servants heart, mind and attitude - toward the people of God. Sometimes Christians seem harder to love because I “expect more” from them. I realize we are all hypocrites, but there seems to be so many immature Christians, floundering in their relationship with Jesus (it seems). Help me to cultivate and keep a servants heart Lord!

Called to be a Pastor (Apostle)

I don’t claim to be close to an apostle, but I do recognize my calling to be a pastor. The church needs the teaching of Romans. The same types of issues, controversies affect the church today. I must grow in wisdom in His Word. Help me to grow as a Pastor/Teacher of Your Holy Word Lord!

Set apart for the Gospel

To live a set apart life for the Gospel for me means to be very careful and discerning of my motives. I’m being warned and convicted by the Holy Spirit to live this set apart life, by cutting away and starving the appetites of my sinful cravings. Inner jealousy, coveting talents, desires to be someone I’m not are lurking thoughts I must continue dying to! Help me to remain in You, set apart for You and Your Holy Gospel!


Hear my hearts cry Spirit of God! I want to be and become more like Jesus - to live to please and honor You 3!

Devotions for May 20

1 Kings 6
2 Chronicles 3
Psalms 97
Romans 1

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