From Head, To Heart, To God’s Best

John Tilton


Psalm 119:66

Teach me knowledgeand good judgment, for I trust your commands.


This scripture is so brief, so succinct, but resonates with me; that the Lord would teach me in all ways, and that I would convert the what I learn to good judgement, trusting in God’s will and expectations.


In my present studies, I am covering so much knowledge and information by way of my masters’ course assignments and resources. It’s like a firehose of knowledge and information each week. I am gaining and learning such great knowledge, information and insights. However, I know that the goal and success is not that it resides within me as head knowledge, but that it instead, form me into a better leader. Hence, the course name – Formational Leadership. Thus, this scripture resonates with me that when I learn and am equipped, that it would not just be great curricula, but that what I learn would go from my head to my heart, and result in good judgement, discernment, grace, wisdom and compassion.


Dear Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to continue my education. I pray that my education would be manifested in me to grow with attributes of virtue, grace, wisdom, good judgment, and discernment. Thus, I pray that all that I learn would go from my head, to my heart, and result in Your best for me, and all that I encounter.

Devotions for December 05

Ephesians 5,6
Psalms 119:1-80

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