Favor From The King

Richard Waialeale


Ezra 7:27-28 (NIV)

27 Praise be to the Lord, the God of our fathers, who has put it into the king's heart to bring honor to the house of the Lord in Jerusalem in this way

28 and who has extended his good favor to me before the king and his advisers and all the king's powerful officials. Because the hand of the Lord my God was on me, I took courage and gathered leading men from Israel to go up with me.


As soon as Ezra receives the favor from King Artaxerxes, he gives back praise to God and acknowledges Him and God of our Fathers. Total respect and honor to the Lord who places favor in the heart of the king. It’s important when planning to move into a position or the desire to plant a church, to receive favor and God blessings to proceed. Without this favor or God’s blessing, it’s like swimming upstream against the current. I may be called to plant a church, but I must wait on the Lord until I am sent out by my leader. Favor and God’s Blessing altogether.


I’ve seen leaders go before me that had the desire to plant but not the right time. I need to be absolutely sure that it’s God’s call for me to plant; I receive the green light from God and my senior pastor and everyone is good with this; and I can receive the favor from the senior pastor and God’s blessing. All of this must happen all at the same time. Otherwise I’m good with waiting.


Lord give me the patience and understanding to wait upon You, Lord. Thank you for loving me enough not to send me out amongst a pack of wolves. Lord be with me I pray. Amen.

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