A surpassing love

Rod Shimabukuro


I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me; your love to me was extraordinary, surpassing the love of women. 2 Samuel 1:26


Saul and Jonathan were dead. News came to David and his heart was filled with grief for the loss of both Saul and Jonathan’s lives. It is recognized in the context of Scripture that David’s love for Jonathan was great. And here in v.26, David’s deep, heartfelt love for Jonathan is expressed.


I can’t imagine losing my wife or kids.... but especially my wife. Of course I love my kids - but not the way I have committed to love my wife. The covenant love is different in relationship to Beckie. So many thousands have been killed in the massive destruction in Nepal. A picture of a man found holding a woman, under the rubble of collapsed building is beyond disheartening. I can’t imagine the final seconds, minutes, even hours of the people who died a horrendous death.

I want to love, to live love, to show love to others. I know I need to start and continue with my very own - those closest to me. But my heart is grieved, longing to love and show love to the people of Nepal who are experiencing major suffering.


Lord...please lead me to love. To love and show love to those You place right in front of me today. My wife, children, Manoa ‘ohana, strangers, store clerks, etc.... But what do I do about this burden for the Nepalese? Lead me to love with a surpassing love - in word and deed.

Devotions for April 26

2 Samuel 1
Psalm 140
Matthew 13

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