Traces of His Resurrection Life

Rod Shimabukuro

[8]Then the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went in, and he saw and believed; [9]for as yet they did not understand the Scripture, that he must rise from the dead. John 20:8-9
John continues to thematically feature the ongoing work of “believing Jesus.” With the resurrection already taking place, Jesus fulfilling His Father’s will, Peter reaches the tomb after John but enters the tomb first. John goes right in after Peter and grows in “believing.” Believing is ongoing and a growth process. Faith increases. Both Peter and John had not fully comprehended or understood the Scriptures. The prophetic written words that pointed to the Messiah being raised from the dead!

It’s interesting that the closest disciples to Jesus, did not understand the Scripture. It makes me think about the grace of God’s revelation in my heart - to reveal to me the love of Jesus. And opening my heart and eyes to believe in Jesus and everything about His life, death, resurrection! This is the grace work of God in my heart and life!
Today, I am sooooooo very, very, very grateful for the Holy Spirit revealing Jesus to me. I wouldn’t believe apart form His sovereign and merciful Spirit, opening the eyes of my heart and spiritual understanding! Sometimes it’s not Jesus that I literally see, but what He’s left behind - the testimony of His words. He said He will rise and He left His clothing to prove it. For me, He leaves behind evidences of the reality of His resurrection. Change lives. Confident hearts in the midst of trials. Christians faithfully testifying of His great goodness through and in their hardships. These are traces of Jesus’ life for me!
WOW Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit of God my Father… for opening my heart and eyes to know and believe in who You are - and in Your resurrection life and power! I can’t help but worship You - for who You are! I love you!

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Jeremiah 26,35,36
John 20

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