The Big Reveal!

Rod Shimabukuro


Genesis 45:3Joseph said to his brothers, “I am Joseph! Is my father still living?” But his brothers were not able to answer him, because they were terrified at his presence.


Joseph’s brothers had reason to be terrified! They were in grave need, had their father’s life and soul to consider and they were being framed. They really must’ve been feeling the pains of desperate fear! IMAGINE…if verse 3 was taken out of the context of it’s story???!!! There’s fear of life, questions, and very tense relationships!

(* Side note tip, since I know others like you :) are reading these devotions…”Be mindful to read, write and apply verses their CONTEXT or Story Line.”)

So Joseph dismisses his Egyptian entourage and reveals his true identity in the sole presence of his brothers. Of course what’s implied is that they don’t recognize him. Joseph is Egyptian appearance, wardrobe and speech. The Big Reveal takes place and Joseph message of deliverance, redemption and God is spoken. Joseph doesn’t rub it in his brothers faces for betraying him. He is not revengeful or angry, but expresses love, forgiveness and God’s purposes! WOWZAH - Double WOWZAH!

  • For me, I see Joseph’s Big Reveal as Redemptive instead of Judgement…on his brothers. No doubt another picture of God’s character, expressed in action through Jesus!


Today - I’m convicted because I feel like my reaction would be an “in your face” kind of response - to people who talk behind my back, don’t like me, etc. My insecurities and my sinfulness would like to lash out, make them “feel my pain” —— so childish I can be in thought and heart!

But I’m strengthened and compelled to want to be like Jesus…like the God in Joseph who examples grace and redemption!

Practically speaking, I need to keep my mouth SHUT - when I’m perturbed or feeling opposed, angered by others. I need to pray, repent, really think through “why” i”m reacting the way I do, acknowledge my sinfulness, repent again and ask God to reveal His Purposes…for me, and for the “others” who tick me off.


HELP LORD!! I want to HONOR JESUS - KING in 2016 over everything, including my heart, attitudes, especial in areas where others tick me off - the people I don’t care for or like.

Change ME! Please have mercy on Me -and may I show redemptive grace and love and words with people…through Your strength, heart and purposes. I love You choke-plenty!! :)

Devotions for January 18

Genesis 44,45,46
Luke 18

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