Glorifying God in satanís presence

Rod Shimabukuro

Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are going to do, do quickly.” John 13:27
In the presence of Jesus during one of the most holy, intense Passovers, satan was present. In fact he possessed Judas the moment Judas took a bite of bread. In participating what should’ve honored the body of the Savior about to walk into His crucifixion, Judas ministry of betrayal was solidified. The context indicates that there was no visible sign of satan entering Judas.
I’m intrigued that in a most critical turning point of jesus’ life and history, God used to satan and a man of evil intent. And at a significantly spiritual ceremony in Jewish culture. I’m challenged to dig deeper in understanding spiritual warfare. In my heart, this scene prompts me to consider and grow in the subject of spiritual warfare.

I want to live differently by trusting and growing in knowing my Omni-sovereign God, who is in control of everything that happens, including satans involvement in the world and peoples lives. But like the disciples, I’m ignorant of the Lord’s great ways - even using the devil, hardships or tragedies. I want to grow in trusting Jesus by deeply meditating on His Word, studying and believing God’s nature and character.
Dear Jesus, Thank you for Your perseverance while here on earth. I can’t comprehend you being fully human and having gone through this intense situation!!!! I know you are God, but I’m growing in worship and fear, of Your great power, even when You humble yourself, allowing evil in Your life to glorify God the Father!!

Devotions for August 11

Jeremiah 7,8,9
John 13

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