Rod Shimabukuro


The LORD will reign forever, your God, O Zion, to all generations. Praise the LORD! Psalm 146:10


At the conclusion of this hymn of praise, the psalmist declares that Yahweh, the LORD, will reign forever...from now, to all generations. It is His doing, to reign over His creation-human kind! The theme of this song includes the brevity and reality of life, death and God’s sovereign, powerful and creative nature and character. God is Creator, Provider, Protector. Verses 5-9 describes who God is and what He does.

The hymn begins in v.1 with a distinct commitment to give God praise, all life long. “ long as I live and while I have my being.” (a reference to the breath of life).


My heart is throbbing with gratitude, with the revelation of this God who loves me - He loves those who are hurting, being tortured, persecuted, hungry... physically and spiritually. I want to hold on to this heart of joy, gratitude, awe of God - and this God has become my God. This God is personal - really, really personal and reveals Himself to this morning.

It’s so sad how quickly, even after a great time of being refreshed in God’s Story, I fall back into worry, ways of my fleshy thinking and feelings. I allow my mind to dwell on the negatives of life, people, challenges. But again today, God graciously reminds me, opens my heart and speaks firmly and clearly to me..."I AM GOD WHO DOES AND WILL REIGN IN AND OVER YOUR LIFE. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - I MEAN NOTHING TO BE ANXIOUS ABOUT. HAVE I NOT SHOWN YOU - I AM YOUR FAITHFUL, LOVING, MERCIFUL GOD! I GOT YOU ROD...MY SON!"



You are amazing in grace, truth, love - revealing Your heart, life, person, character to me. I NEED YOU - LOVE YOU - and THANK YOU... for REIGNING IN AND OVER my life - over Beckie’s life, Kai, Koa, Malia... and all my family, friends, situations and nations I am praying for!

Devotions for October 11

Nehemiah 5,6
Psalms 146
Luke 24

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