A Mixed Up World

Rod Shimabukuro


Then the whole company of them arose and brought him before Pilate. And they began to accuse him, saying, “We found this man misleading our nation and forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar, and saying that he himself is Christ, a king.” Luke 23:1-2


Can you imagine how Jesus felt? What He must’ve been thinking, even wondering as He was led another step closer to His execution??!! A nation ridiculing, defying and attacking His character, message and life. Betrayed by His very own people, His own creation...!

How defeating and demoralizing it must’ve felt as a man - and as the Son of God! The crowd and group of rulers who brought Jesus before Pilate were deceived and had to lie in order to request the death penalty before Pilate. Misleading our nation? Forbidding us to give tribute to Caesar? What they got correct is the message Jesus brought - He is the Christ-King!


The past month or so, my attention has been drawn to read more about what is going on on the world. To be more aware of the injustices, not just among other nations, but involving moral sins and injustices. Abortions, innocent lives being murdered, sex trafficking, prostitution, violence and killings - not to mention wars, conflicts, social and political scandals...and of course the VERY REAL list goes on.

Every life, every soul, has feelings, dreams, wants, needs. EVERY LIFE. EACH INDIVIDUAL has been created in the image of God. The sinfulness of man accuses “Jesus, Christians” of misleading lives, nations and refraining them from serving other gods/ But He is Christ the King - the One who has captured and rescued my heart and life. So I too must, will stand - to declare boldly, fearlessly, lovingly, truthfully - I belong to JESUS - HE IS CHRIST MY KING!

I want to love... the lovable, unloveable - even my enemies! How can this be? I can’t because human, sinful hatred can fill my heart quickly! I NEED YOU JESUS!


Dear Jesus, I’m a big talker. I do have desires to be all You made me to be, in You, through You, for You! O God, Christ my King... I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for Your merciful, selfless sacrifice... for my life, sins - to know and love You! Thank you for the life You have given me. Help me please - to be like You. Would you call me to give my life? O God!

Devotions for October 10

Nehemiah 3,4
Luke 23

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