Donít Get Too Close

John Tilton


Proverbs 22:5

In the paths of the wicked are snares and pitfalls, but those who would preserve their life stay far from them.


Simple scripture but so profound in a warning to stay clear of what we sense or know is wicked, sinful and of the enemy; whether it be through the media, people and the mind. Preserving who we are in Christ and our very lives may be dependent on staying clear less we be snared and fall on a path of destruction, unable to turn back from the ramifications therein.


There have been times in my life that I’ve gotten to close to the things of the world that resulted in ramifications that brought calamity in my life. In hindsight, I know that I got too close to the snares and pitfalls, thinking that I could withstand the enemy’s temptations, or just going numb to what I know what was righteous and obedient. There’s a term I learned, “bounce and renounce.” The term is excellent in setting the mind on the right path when tempted … to bounce the thought from my mind and renounce what the enemy is trying to ensnare me with. Then there are the many things of the world in the media print, television, the Internet that seek to catch our attention and reel us in to the ways of the world. They are often glamorized and made to look so good and appealing, yet they are the snare and pitfalls that we are warned about. Beware believer … don’t get too close, keep your distance, bounce & renounce and fill yourselves with the armor of God through His word.


Dear Lord, please help me and guide me to recognize and know the snares and pitfalls that await me and those of which I am prone to get close to. Strengthen me please and enable me to bring forth your shield and sword through your Word and power to overcome the propensity to get too close, less I be ensnared and fall into calamity and destruction. Please protect me and guide me. I thank you in advance. I love you for your sacrifice and grace.

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Proverbs 22,23,24
Romans 14

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