Worthy to Be Called

John Tilton


1 Timothy 1:12

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength,that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.


Paul encourages Timothy by reminding him of Paul’s unworthiness prior to the Lord showing Paul mercy as a sinner; by pouring out grace abundantly, together with faith and love in Christ.Paul’s encouragement is sharing his awe that God would even consider him, in spite of the sinner that he was.


I feel the same way that Paul does, acknowledging my sin and fall; thankfully to be then given grace, and be mentored by my pastor.It would be years later that I would be called into full-time ministry.Like Paul, I am in awe to see God’s grace, but also His plan to use me to serve Him and minister to others.

These scriptures remind me that much grace has been afforded to me, and that I need to be grateful and steward God’s grace well.The scriptures also remind me that when I need strength and perseverance, I will be reminded that He wouldn’t call me from where I was if He didn’t have a plan for my life; and that whatever challenge is before me, will be another opportunity to see God’s greatness and faithfulness exampled in my life.


Dear Lord, thank you for your grace on my life as a sinner, and my sins.I pray that I would always be reminded of your grace afforded to me so that I will steward the privilege and honor well.May I fulfill the potential and plan that you saw in me.

Devotions for June 19

2 Kings 1,2,3
Psalms 82
1 Timothy 1

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