Unfazed Faith

Rod Shimabukuro


Acts 21:4We sought out the disciples there and stayed with them seven days. Through the Spirit they urged Paul not to go on to Jerusalem.


Paul was well aware of his surrounding circumstances and life threatening conditions. The impending judgment on his life was sawing closer and closer through the persecution of Jewish opponents. The prophet Agabus added an object lesson with his stern warning to Paul, taking Paul’s belt and binding his own hands and feet, saying the Jews will capture and turn you over to the Gentiles.

Paul was unfazed saying he was ready to be imprisoned, even to die for his faith.


When I think about how weak, timid, even cowardly I am about sharing and standing for my faith among non Christians - I cringe! I cringe before the Lord, in sorrow and repentance. On one hand I live in moments where I feel like I would die for Jesus - yet simple conversations involving being a WITNESS FOR JESUS can be so difficult. I’m bold - and I’m not! I’m confident in Jesus - and I’m not. Wishy Washy - Washy wishy! O Junk da kine!

I want to keep growing in boldness, confidence, fearlessness - with wisdom, love and grace - in my witness to non Christians around me. Simple conversations where I share Jesus, standing in His truth, with love and grace.


Dear Jesus -

Help me to live the kind of UNFAZED LIFE with and UNFAZED FAITH in YOU! Please show me why I get fearful, timid -help me to overcome - to be Your Unfazed and Faithful son, testifying through words, deeds and life... of Your Great Love, Grace and Truth! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Devotions for October 25

Job 16
Acts 21,22,23

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