Oh my - YOUR PRESENCE!!!!!!!!!

Rod Shimabukuro


He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’ Revelation 2


In chapter 2 alone, this phrase is found in v. 7,11,17, 29. 4 churches in ch. 2 are instructed and warned. It was difficult for me to pick just one verse, but this phrase caught my hearts attention. It’s profound to me that John writes of Jesus’ revelation (ch.1) being about God’s Word and the testimony of Jesus. And the Spirit of God is written of here, bringing the message. There He is - our God 3 in 1 - the Father, Jesus and Spirit!

I’m seeing a connection in ch.1 of John’s instruction for the church to “take to heart” (v3) and “He who has an ear.” It’s as if John is saying in an other way, “Focus people, be serious and turn your hearts and ears attention to what God is saying and warning you about!!!”

It’s the church, Christ followers or Christ fans (spectators) John is writing to - whom the Spirit is talking to. Church! DO you have ears to hear? Who of you is following, listening, willing to hear and heed the word of God, testimony of Jesus through what the Spirit is saying?


I feel a loud, resounding sense of God in me - as I’m writing now. My fingers shaking as I’m typing. Taking deep breaths, my heart firmly, strongly pounding in beat. ------ I’m back. I had to lay off the computer, take a few deep breaths - consider what the Lord is doing in me - saying to me. The Spirit is speaking - I’m listening.

He’s calling me to hear, to listen very, very intently as I continue to meditate on the Revelation of Jesus.

"Pay attention to what I’m saying to You Rod"...says the Lord. "There will be more specifics I will speak to you. I want you to know - I am alive in you - I am with you - my presence has, is and will continue to fill you - for My glory - not yours. Be careful not to react to My voice - just listen, learn and I will help you to live...for Me!"


Dear God 3 in 1! You know I just wrote the title to this devo...just now... YOUR PRESENCE! Oh my - thank you for YOUR PRESENCE...filling, touching, moving my heart and inner soul - to stop, consider,listen carefully and seriously... Oh My!!!! YOU ARE ALIVE... in me!!!!!! O God! Thank You for Your Holy Presence!!! Help me to meditate on what You just spoke to my heart - what I was led to write above... Oh God! I LOVE YOU!

Devotions for August 28

Ezekiel 1,2,3
Revelation 2

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