Your Purposes are Flawless!

Rod Shimabukuro


“My people, what have I done to you? How have I burdened you? Answer me. Micah 6:3


The tone of this passage includes disappointment and holy anger by the Lord. But it also includes His requirements, not rules of the law, but to walk humbly, live justly and love mercy.

Micah pens a serious question from God to His people. Does this sound like frustration to you? God has certainly been frustrated with His people before… Has He ever burdened His people? Has He ever done anything wrong to His people?


The Spirit of God is convicting me of my spirit of independence and entitlement. As if to say God should provide all “my wants, desires, needs…” He’s a Provider - no doubts in my mind. I just get mixed up because of the sense and feeling like “I deserve” more. Really Rod? Am I that self serving - feeling like I deserve more…?

On another note, this question connects to people I’m trying to guide - who feel like God has deserted them. The burden and discipline of the Lord, in my opinion, is brought on by by our own self inflicted, god-less ways.


WOW SPIRIT OF GOD! Thank You for this great convicting word. Please help me to live in and teach, the wisdom of Your Spirit. I pray that I could equip people to believe, trust…Your ways, plans and purposes! Your ways and purposes are flawless!

Devotions for July 10

Micah 5,6,7
Hebrews 7

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