Rod Shimabukuro


John 12:10So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, 11for on account of him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and believing in him.


Jesus went to have dinner with Lazarus, Martha and Mary. Lazarus was hanging out with Jesus while Martha served and good ole Mary - using expensive ointment perfume to love on Jesus. Lazarus had been miraculously raised from the dead by Jesus and people were hearing about it and responding in faith to believe in Jesus as the Messaiah.


When we experience a “raised from the dead” kind of miracle from Jesus, it doesn’t’ mean that your life will be peachy and rosy! Lazarus was the talk of the town, yet sought to be murdered. But not many of us may experience that level of a miracle. Not to say that God doesn’t perform miracles. I strongly believe towards the miraculous love and power of God in full tilt operation today. But Lazarus had a death warrant on his life.

My action point is:
In the face of whatever blessing, miracle and work of God in my life, I want my life to be used to attract more believers for Jesus. May I be attractive in Jesus!


Dear Spirit of the Living God!
Please work powerfully in my friends who have cancer. I know You are a Healer and can heal them miraculously. Use them, use me, my family…to attract people to Your love. May I be attractive in You, for You! Make believers and disciples through me! I love You Holy Spirit and the Godhead!

Devotions for December 22

John 12,13,14

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