Rod Shimabukuro

Matthew 15:29-39
In this section, Jesus travels to a hillside near the Sea of Galilee and is followed by crowds of people. The healing crusade must have been well attended. All sorts of people with blindness, lame and crippled were healed. Matthew indicates that all were healed this day. The boatloads of people - 4000 men plus women and kids were hungry. Jesus is moved to instruct the disciples to feed the crowd. WHAT? Feed this crowd??? What motivated Jesus to be led to feed such a crowd? The answer is - Compassion! If the crowds were hungry, even weary, how much more was Jesus - having given of Himself to serve and shepherd the people, with compassion? For 3 days Jesus stayed with and ministered to thousands!
I want to live differently by developing, praying for, being convicted to have COMPASSION. Compassion is a characteristic I lack, especially when I’m weary and “people’d out.” Pastoring needy people is so fulfilling. Making disciples, equipping them to grow strong in Him is a joyous and rewarding calling. BUT - I get people’s out - where I just get weary. Rest and refreshing is needed - but never at the expense of “losing COMPASSION” for people. One thing I want to do differently is to be careful of “busyness” or doing “ministry things” for God. I want to carefully and purposefully spend time caring for people, showing compassion - rather than completing a checklist of my ministry things to do.
JESUS - Help me! Help me to be more aware of my need to show compassion, love people, spend time with the needy - rather than “doing the tasks of ministry.” Shift my heart, convict me of my lack of love and compassion. Fill me once again with Your Conviction to love people like You do!

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2 Samuel 3
1 Chronicles 12
Matthew 15

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