The Duplicity of Manís Quest

John Tilton


Psalm 62:11-12

One thing God has spoken,
two things I have heard: 
“Power belongs to you, God,and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”; 
and, “You reward everyone
according to what they have done.”


David makes note of three areas the man usually seeks, desires and reaps what one sows; power, love and ramifications of one’s actions. Yet, he clearly notes that although man seeks power, obtaining power is best facilitated through the power of God. Although man often seeks love in so many ways, God’s unfailing love is awaiting us. It is often the seeking and desire of power and love that prompt, influence and cause man to deal with the ramifications of one’s choices and actions. Simply put, man often is looking in the wrong places for what is so easily attainable through the Lord. One’s carnal ways will seek to win and wield power, yet it is God’s power that is supreme and available to manifest itself within man. One’s carnal ways will often also pervert, distort and abuse love, yet God’s love is unfailing and unsurpassed. One must look in the right place … which is God to win and wield power, and receive love; that will ultimately result in God’s best for man.


Great lesson for me to realize that my propensity to take matters into my own hands to make things happen and achieve my goals, is so easier done through my time with the Lord, seeking Him, prayer with Him and waiting upon Him, which in itself is contra matter that one is waiting rather then taking action. Instead of my influencing love, winning love or seeking love’ God’s love awaits me if I can see His love through the windows of what He presents before me, if only I am able to see His love through time with Him and in His word. Thus, my mind, which is prone to duplicity, becomes a mind that is focused on God’s way to receive authority, love and reaping well because I sowed well.


Dear Lord, thank you for giving me clarity that your love and power awaits me for the taking if I am of right heart and in obedience.

Devotions for July 31

Isaiah 63,64
Psalms 107
John 2

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