Keeping The Morale High

Richard Waialeale


2 Samuel 19:7 (NIV)

7 Now go out and encourage your men. I swear by the Lord that if you don't go out, not a man will be left with you by nightfall. This will be worse for you than all the calamities that have come upon you from your youth till now."


Joab confronted David and rebuked him for his insensitivity toward his officers and people. Joab urged David to appear before the troops and to assure them that he should show more appreciation for their selfless service to him. Joab could see the morale of the people deflating right before his eyes.

People will only follow the characteristics of their leader as the leader is supposed to lead. If a leader is wise, honest, compassionate and full of love, then so will the people be. But if the leader is negative, selfish, dishonest, full of hate, then so will the people follow.


The people that I lead will follow the characteristics I display as I lead them. If I’m late for meetings and late for work, then so will the people be late. If I gossip and show a negative attitude, then the people will only mirror what they see in their leader.

Here are some of the basic functions of a great leader that I must continue to develop: Punctual, positive, do not gossip and use inappropriate language, do the right thing and be an example of the Bible.


Lord let my actions be the same as how You created me, and meant for me to be. Thank you for these valuable lessons.

Devotions for May 11

2 Samuel 19,20
Psalms 55
Matthew 28

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