Seeing Man more than Believing God

Rod Shimabukuro


So we see that they were unable to enter because of unbelief. Hebrews 3:19


In chapter 3, the Christians are instructed to consider Jesus, the faithful apostle, high priest and builder of His house. We are to adhere to confidence in our hope, as His living temple.

The issues of a sinful, obstinate Christians results in their inability to possess His eternal promises. Below are references of warnings issued to those who were unbelieving - who did not obtain eternal rest.

• Don’t harden your hearts (through rebellion and testing)
• Go astray in their hearts
• Have not known My ways
• An evil, Unbelieving heart - falling away
• Hardened by deceitfulness of sin
• Heard yet rebelled
• Provokers


The list of heart issues are very real - knocking on the door of my mind and heart. I don’t want to live apart from Jesus grace. I don’t intend on cultivating a heart of sinfulness. But the fact is... this kind of temptation creeps into my though life and heart.

When I don’t get my way. When others seem to get their way, that I don’t support. When leaders seem to have an agenda that smells like self promotion and self centeredness. I tend to get obstinate, hardened in heart to love and serve these kinds of people.

The fact is I don’t believe God - or trust Him to be at work behind the scenes. I look at “man’s ways, efforts and plans” and fail to see God at work. This is my unbelieving heart. I see man at work, rather than believing God, who is at work at all times!


Dear Spirit of God. Thank you for the reminder and conviction to turn from my wicked ways and motives. I want to cultivate a pure heart for pure relationships, for pure ministry. I honor You and ask you to fill me with faith to believe You, even when I see “man at work.” I love You King Jesus!

Devotions for July 06

Hosea 6,7,8,9
Hebrews 3

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