Please Intervene

Rod Shimabukuro


When Peter came to himself, he said, “Now I am sure that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from the hand of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.” Acts 12:11


Miracle after miracle. Peter experienced the results of prayer and the intervention of God, releasing him from being cuffed, guarded and behind bars! Asleep between 2 guards, an Angel of the Lord supernaturally appeared and released Peter. With bright lights and shackles falling to the ground, the noises still didn’t wake the guards :) Peter himself thought this situation was so surreal - a dream or vision. But he acknowledged the Lord his Deliverer who rescued him!


I’m stirred in heart, convicted in spirit to believe the Lord for miraculous intervention. For my brother in Christ whose daughter just told him she is pregnant and wants to marry the father. They’ve only been dating a month! What if this were my daughter? I would want to kick this guys rear. (And you know I’m trying to be nice with my words!) Yes - it takes 2 to tango. But I hold the man responsible - ultimately! Especially since he professes Christ. Yet lying, beating around the bush about what took place!!!!! I would be furious. Well - all this to say - I pray for miraculous, Spirit intervention - a release of the Spirit to bring liberty, wisdom, freedom in Jesus to those involved!


Please dear Jesus. Rescue my friend, his daughter - yet not my will be done. Please go after this guy. You know the situation - the sin - the seriousness of attitudes of those involved. Help Lord Jesus! Please show Yourself mighty, and do a deliverance miracle. I know it’s not he same scenario as Peter - but the fact is… You are a God who intervenes for the sake of Your will to be done. I’m just praying this bold prayer on behalf of a friend!

Devotions for October 20

Job 6,7,8
Acts 12

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