Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

John Tilton


Proverbs 11:3

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.


In so few words, Solomon cuts through to a truth of how integrity which is defined as truthfulness and honor, will guide the obedient, as opposed to those who given in to the duplicity of double-mindedness, double standards and leading a double life.


I believe that we all battle with the duplicity of our carnal self and the will and call of God on our lives. We receive the treasures of God’s word on one hand, yet the influences of life that contradict the word and will of God, sneak into our minds with temptation and actions that although may be momentarily satisfying, are destructive to our faith, obedience to God. It’s like we play a role in the drama of life, desiring to be the upright Dr. Jekyll, but falling to the temptations of our carnal fleshly ways like the notorious Mr. Hyde; a metaphor of the duplicity that can exist in our life. The battle seems to be in the voice and image of temporal satisfaction that calls to us, rather then the eternal and righteous knowledge of God’s will that may not have instant and physical gratification, but true treasure of eternity if we can win the battle in our minds. We must realize that it is a process of ingesting more of God through His word and time with Him, rather then the things of life that are more prevalent then ever.


Dear Lord, please guide and empower me to win the battle that often is in my mind between your will and the temptations of life. May your word and time with you change the DNA of my mind and heart to overcome the carnal ways and life’s temptations.

Devotions for May 29

Proverbs 10,11,12
Romans 10

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