Building: My Empire or Godís Kingdom?

Rod Shimabukuro


Then Daniel answered the king, “You may keep your gifts for yourself and give your rewards to someone else. Nevertheless, I will read the writing for the king and tell him what it means. Daniel 5:17


A spiritual, shocking and supernatural event took place. In his royal palace, King Belshazzar was throwing a huge banquet for a 1000 noble men, their wives and concubines were present. Fine food and fine wine were being served. All of a sudden the King witnessed human fingers appearing, then writing on his palace wall.

I don’t think the King was experiencing ”too much wine!“ The writing stayed on the wall, as he had his top astrologers and diviners attempt to interpret this supernatural writing. But none of them could and Daniel was eventually called upon to interpret the writing. Although Daniel was offered rank, position, royal gifts and treatment, what is written in v.17 reveals Daniels heart and motives.


While there is a larger, meaningful truth behind the writing and Daniel’s interaction with the King, I’m intrigued and Convicted by Daniels reply. He could’ve asked for a huge salary package with lifelong security. Daniels rewards could’ve been really great. But instead, as unto HIs God, he interpreted the writing in fulfillment of His calling. Out of obedience to God, not seeking the rewards of man, Daniel gave, shared and spread the wisdom and discernment of God.

O God, how many of us Christian leaders, pastors, evangelists, teachers - have a self absorbed, earthly treasured pursuit!! Christian ministries and ministers, if we search our hearts - are too ”money, success“ oriented. Are we building our empire or His Kingdom?


I repent O Lord. My desires are not all that good some times! Please forgive me for prostituting the church. Soliciting Your people for my selfish gain. I’m thinking that I’m ministering and serving for an ”Audience of One.“ I have that desire - but my motives and inner flesh wants to satisfy ”king me.“

O God - O God.... help me to think, believe, live, shepherd and lead Your people with a pure heart and right ways!

Devotions for September 20

Daniel 5,6
Psalms 130
Luke 3

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