Miracles, Fame and making a Name?

Rod Shimabukuro


John 7:3and Jesus’ brothers said to him, “Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles! 4You can’t become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world!” 5For even his brothers didn’t believe in him. [NLT]


One of the overarching themes of John is believing. God uses John’s gospel to present the truth of Jesus as the Son of God. He is sent from God, was with God, is God - and all things were made through Him (Jhn. 1)

It initially appears that Jesus’ brothers want Him to perform miracles, to spread His message. But we find in context that the brothers are disbelieving and have a taunting attitude. As if to say, “Do Your miracles, make a name for yourself, spread Your fame….prove Yourself.”

To his audience, John contrasts the family of Jesus who disbelieve with God’s heart for the world (John 3:16). Those Jesus, the Son of God came for includes His earthly family, and the world.


It seems that those closest to us who don’t know Christ, are harder to reach and convince. I remember receiving Jesus, beginning to change in heart and lifestyle - yet my friends and family were stand offish… at least for a while. My heart was not to “prove myself or Jesus” but to live out my new found faith in Christ.

Another thought involves the earthly, worldly view God’s power and person. Like Jesus’ brothers, our culture promotes Christian fame, popularity, prestige, power…”for God.” Even some among our “family of God” misrepresent Jesus, by seeking fame, awards, popularity. We convolute the truth of “spreading HIs name” with the motive of “acquiring a name or fame” for ourselves or our churches.

Doing wonderful things and becoming famous (in and for Christ) is not a bad or unrighteous thing - especially if God guides and blesses this way. But the danger I’m warned about is being a stickler about keeping my motives in check, at all times. Especially if I’m a part of something that seems significant or prestigious.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for calling me to believe, for opening my heart to have faith in You. Thank you Father and Spirit of God! Thank you for Your Spirit’s conviction to check my heart, assess my motives - and for Your transforming work to mold me into Jesus image - not my own.

Please help keep me on the Kingdom track - in humility, loving and serving You…for Your name and fame, not mine. If You call me to perfume miracles, may I be held accountable and a steward of Your grace and power! I want to do mighty deeds in and for Your name! Have mercy on me!

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