Sanctified by Sabbath

John Danganan


I gave them statues and made know to them my rules, by which, if a person does them, he shall live. Moreover, I gave them my Sabbaths, as a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD who sanctifies them. But the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness. They did not walk in my statues but rejected my rules, by which, if a person does them, he shall live; and my Sabbaths they greatly profaned. (Ezekiel 20:11-13)


Ezekiel 20 is a history lesson recapping of God’s grace & provision, Israel’s rebellion, and God’s restoration of his people. After redeeming them from slavery in Egypt, God provides them the Sabbath with the twofold purpose: 1) Sign of intimate relationship between God & Israel. 2) Experiential knowledge of God’s sanctifying work. Just as my wedding ring is a symbol of my love and devotion to my wife Renee, God lovingly gave the Sabbath as a sign of His provision, sustenance and grace. Through the Sabbath the people of God did not have to work, strive, labor and produce to stay alive—God demonstrates his faithfulness and love to sustain his people. Through the gracious means of resting God’s people would be set apart and experience the provision of God. Yet God’s people chose to profane God’s provision by working and striving. Their rejection of the Sabbath cost them their witness, they lost their saltiness and light.


No more rationalization of breaking the Sabbath. Enough of justifying and making excuses because things need to get done. I worked this past Monday on my Sabbath and I have been lethargic all week. I am not the Lord of the Sabbath—Jesus is.I am not the head of the church—Jesus is. It is Hiswill being done and his kingdom coming. I need to rest and trust that he is working even when I am not.I need to be strategic and diligently do all my work before my Sabbath and rest. Get chores, laundry, honey do’s and errands done before or after Sabbath NOT during.


Heavenly Father,
Thank you for sanctifying me through your Sabbath. May I always trust you and rest in your promises. Please forgive me for profaning the Sabbath. Holy Spirit please strengthen my faithful and solidify my work ethic so that I can take my Sabbath rest. I love you. Maranatha!

Devotions for September 03

Ezekiel 20,21
Psalms 111
Revelation 8

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