Meeting Jesus At McDonalds

Jon Burgess


And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love. Romans 5:5


What a marvelous promise! In a world filled unfulfilled dreams, false promises, insurmountable trials and daily disappointments we have been given a love that will lead us through. When we feel drained by circumstances outside of our control the Holy Spirit fills our hearts with love to continue on. We feel hardened by the harsh realities of life the Holy Spirit keeps our hearts soft towards the Lord by leading us back to Him. God's love leads us through disappointment and not to disappointment. Then He leads us to walk others through their disappointment so they can find hope again.


I do my best to take one of my five boys out every week for 3D (Dad, Date, Devos) before school. They usually want to go to McDonalds. This morning as Jaxon and I approached the counter I asked our server how she was doing. She surprised me when she said, "I'll be honest, not good". I asked her what was wrong. Having worked in the service industry I know how demanding customers can be at times. "Was it a customer", I asked. "No, it's personal stuff", she said. I told her I was really sorry to hear that and usually that's where it ends, but she kept going. "It's my Aunty", she said. "She is fighting cancer that has spread throughout her lungs." I told her I was really sorry to hear that and I know how hard it is to work when difficult things are going on at home. I shared with her how my Pop & Mom are fighting cancer. I introduced her to my son Jaxon and I told her that we both believe that Jesus can heal and that we would pray for her Aunty. She looked up and then down again as the tears began to flow. She then told me more. Her Mom has breast cancer but doesnt want to go through treatment and her Grandma was colon cancer. I noticed her name tag and said, "Cyryna, do you mind if I write down the names of your family so we can keep praying?" She said, "Are you a pastor? I told her I was a pastor at New Hope. She told me she used to go to New Hope when it was at Ferrington High School but didn't know we had moved to the Sand Island location. She then revealed that she had just been released recently from incarceration and was hoping to plug in to our prison ministry. It was clear that rather then this being a new beginning for her, life had been dealing one disappointment after another. It was a God thing that this entire time there wasn't a single customer that came in line behind us even though it was the morning rush. So, right then and there, Jaxon and I prayer for Cyryna and healing for her family in the Name of Jesus. I gave her a card with our church location and service times. I told her I'd be preaching this weekend and asked her to come say "Hi" to me if she was able to make it. Her whole countenance changed and you could see she had found hope again.


Thank You Lord for leading us to Cyryna this morning. Thank You for healing her family from Cancer and for giving her hope in the middle of her difficult morning at work. Thank You for filling me with the Holy Spirit and pouring Your love into me and through me to those around me. You never disappoint!

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1 Kings 9
2 Chronicles 8
Psalms 136
Romans 5

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