Death of a Rock Star

Jeff Weinkauf

John 1:19-28 When they asked him who he was, he freely confessed “I am not the messiah” 
It would not be an overstatement to say that this was probably the peak of John’s success in ministry. At least with human eyes, how we would describe success in the natural. Lot’s of people coming out to hear him speak. Many responding positively to the message by being baptized. He had a great staff (of whom some later would serve in key roles in the most successful mega church ever). John was a rock star. Enough oddity that he drew large crowds of the uninitiated “come see the guy who dresses weird and eats bugs”, but also he drew from the elect who were hungry to hear truth shared with passion and conviction. He was famous. What strikes me in this context, is that for some today, this is enough. Renown, branding, a healthy twitter feed. What I think made John special though is that he knew who he was in relationship to Jesus. He was aware that he was the one sent to prepare the way. The warm up act. Not the answer. And even though many tried to promote him to status he remained aware he was a servant and not worthy to untie Jesus sandals. 
May we always walk in humility no matter what favor we are given amongst men. As our influence increases let us point the attention towards the Savior whom we serve. 
God please help me to remember that all good gifts come from you, and to humbly give glory to Jesus when the spotlight falls on me. Help me to be effective at pointing others towards saving life in you. Amen. 

Devotions for July 30

Isaiah 60,61,62
John 1

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