Stop, Listen & Pursue Advice

John Tilton


Proverbs 19:20

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.


The intentionality to stop and listen, as opposed to just hearing sound advice; as well as the willingness and fortitude to forge through situations and matters that require discipline, will result in the blessings of wisdom and being seen as wise.


I tend to live quite a fast-paced life. It’s just part of my DNA to get to and through my responsibilities, assignments and goals sooner than later. Thus, there is subsequently a propensity for me in my thinking, decisions and actions, not to take into consideration ALL the advice that may be available to me through others, or the intentionality to pursue advice from those who are wise and skilled or available resources. Thus, I can look back and see where the outcome and results of past situations, could probably have been more beneficial, successful and profitable (not just speaking about money), if I sought and took into consideration additional advice.


Dear Lord, in matters that require or would be beneficial to receive and realize sound advice, may I intentionally take a breath and let you breathe into me through others and resources. In that breath, may I remember to stop, listen, seek and consider wise, sound and proven advice; that I in turn will make wise decisions and take strategic informed actions.

Devotions for September 19

Ezekiel 47,48
Luke 2

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