Deeper heart check

Rod Shimabukuro

[21]For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them. 2 Peter 2:21
The Spirit through Peter certainly implies the apostasy of a believer. Is it possible for someone who has been enlightened in faith by the Spirit of God, to renounce their love and commitment for Jesus? The warning is stern for Christians. Be careful of false teachers and godless people who lead Christ followers away. While the teachings of other religions are not grounded in truth, deception is perfectly alive and real. Peter says it would be “better for people not to have experienced Jesus.” Why is this? I think knowing and walking in truth, then renouncing and rejecting truth, only to discover later (eternal judgment) that “you knew and had it… YOU KNEW AND HAD THE TRUTH OF GOD - would be the torture of your soul, while being separated from God FOREVER and EVER!
Soul searching. My heart is shaking on the inside. Not all bad, but with a deeper fear and reverence to desire to know and walk in the truth of His Word, Spirit - in relationship with Jesus! I never, ever want to fail Him, deny or reject Him. I know He is my Keeper, Revealer, Savior and Lord. Whom He saves, He keeps. But I also believe that I have the will and weakness to be able to be deceived to the point of rejecting Jesus. I’ve seen this among some close friends, acquaintances - where they rejected their relationship with Jesus and His Holy Word!

My heart and soul action points. Repentance while realizing my weakness. Being mindful of false doctrine, knowing and studying the Word of God. Being mentored by studied, experienced Biblical teachers, scholars. Cultivating the reverential fear of the Lord.
Dear Daddie God! I love You, Your Word, Your truth and Spirit. Please keep me on track, in line with Your Word and heart. May Your truthful conviction always keep me close to You. May my heart reverence and believe Your Holy, Living Word!

Devotions for July 28

Isaiah 53,54,55,56
2 Peter 2

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