Numbering My Days

Jon Burgess


Teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12


Psalm 90 is a Psalm of Moses. Scripture tells us that he was the most humble man to walk the earth (Num. 12:3). This Psalm is proof of that humility. He acknowledges that we don't know the precious and precarious nature of our days. He prays to God that He would teach us to number our days: to hold them as valuable, to not take a single moment for granted, to see every breath as a gift from God we don't deserve. The fruit of numbering our days is a heart of wisdom: a heart not distracted by the foolish, shallow and temporary. A heart able to separate the precious from the worthless.


Numbering my days means surrending my hours, means making each moment count before the God who gave them to me. This entire week has been a lesson in numbering my days as I gleaned from the wisdom of those around me who have been doing it much better then I.

Tuesday: I was three minutes too late. I had arrived at Castle Hospital with my guitar to spend some time in worship with Pastor Emy Alvarez as we had been doing only to see the faces of her family and friends that told me she had gone home. As I cried I also smiled because she wasn't just singing about Jesus anymore despite the pain she was singing face to face to Jesus with no pain. Auntie Emy would be the first to tell you she didn't always live for the Lord. In fact she was the first to tell anyone and everyone she came across how Jesus came and loved her back to life and told her who she really was. She was the most naturally evangelistic person I think I've ever met. She knew she was living on borrowed time, especially after her first bout with cancer. So, she was determined to make the most of the time she'd been given and take as many with her to heaven as possible. Emy numbered her days and gained a heart of wisdom and brought glory to God over her 63 years of life! We celebrate this life this Saturday at 9 at New Hope Oahu.

Wednesday: It was a moment 20 years in the making. My friend had spent 13 years in prison and 7 years on probation. You better believe he was counting down the days until his past was no longer his future. The thing is that Jesus grabbed ahold of him and wouldn't let go. He has been walking as a free man for 20 years even before the State of Hawaii recognized it to be true. He is someone who numbers his days and has gained the heart of wisdom.

Thursday: 28 years, nine months and 24 days ago Colonel Kelly Lawson enlisted into the United States Airforce to serve our country and fight to defend the faith, family, friends, and freedom he held so dear. As I listened to a four star general talk of the highly decorated and celebrated career of my friend I held him in great admiration. I am indebted to his service to our country and I am inspired by his dedication his church and family. In fact the reason he is moving from the military into civilian life is to have more time with his family and to serve at New Hope Oahu. His rank and reputation take second place to how God has called him to spend his days. Now that's a man who has numbered his days and gained a heart of wisdom. That's a man I'm proud to call my friend.

Next Tuesday: On February 28th, 2017Mildred Kobashikawa will turn 100 years old. We are sharing her story this weekend at New Hope Oahu to help inspire all who hear that life is a gift that isn't to be held but rather given in service to others. Mildred first attended New Hope on Easter Sunday 2005. She volunteered assembling the weekend services program for several years. Mildred was baptized by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro on February 22, 2009 just before her 92nd birthday. She works daily in her garden, bakes for her family and is the proud keeper of the familiesOkinawan tradition, culture and language. Mildred is one who numbers her days and has gained the heart of wisdom and looks like she's just getting started!


Lord, thank you for surrounding me with these examples of humility in both scripture and life. As the sun sets on this day I pray that I would make the most of the hours that remain and remember that every day is a gift from You to be given away in the service of others!

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