Transparent Leadership: Don’t be Silent People…!

Rod Shimabukuro


Exodus 9:20Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the Lord hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside. 21But those who ignored the word of the Lord left their slaves and livestock in the field.


Blood, frogs, gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail ,locus darkness, firstborn. 7 Plagues down - 3 more to go! From our view of Biblical history, we’d think that Pharaoh would’ve yielded and consented by now, to let the children of God free. Maybe he viewed them as children of Israel (children’ of “man”) rather than children OF GOD! His motives were obviously self, nation, power centered - not God centered. His view of God, his rule, nation, mankind was warped in contrast to a Moses and Aaron, whose purposes were God driven.

V20 notes that there were leaders who feared the word of the Lord. Not that they feared God himself…maybe they did. But they had enough sense, respect to see what was happening and paid attention to the words of God through Moses. Contrasted with the leaders who ignored the word of the Lord, they paid the price of life for themselves, their families and slaves.


Do I fear or ignore the word of the Lord?

I’ve seen signs, some wonders, people’s lives being radically touched, changed by God…YET…I seem to live callously and in ignorance of God, His voice and ways.

Am I like a “Pharaoh” who hardens his heart, so self centered, blurred by my pride, selfishness, etc? Would I ignore the warnings of a prophetic voice through a (“Moses”) brother or sister in the Lord, who is giving me guidance, thoughts of the Lord for my life, the church…? Have I been blinded, hardened by subtle deception of me “being led by God” - which really means I’m using God’s name, to accomplish a desire of my flesh? OUCH!!!! THIS IS SOUL SEARCHING STUFF!!!!

I’ve read, heard of and experienced spiritual leaders, who under the guise of the “great commission and commandment”, have led people astray to fulfill their agenda - in God’s name. YIKES! SOUL SEARCHING TIME! Am I vulnerable, capable of this kind of spiritual influence and leadership?

  • I must remain, humbly, openly, honestly, transparently, vulnerably accountable and responsible to the leaders, volunteers, people of God around me…at Manoa.
  • I will openly ask the body of Christ to boldly, lovingly communicate any thing that would help me to become more like Christ!
  • Let’s not be silent among each other friends and family!

Dear Spirit of God!

Convict me deeply! Please penetrate my heart with a Holy Fear of God and a Love for YOU, Your people - that would drive me to repentance - at the hint of this subtle poisonous and life threatening danger - of being or becoming a selfish, self fulfilling spiritual leader!

Godly, Transparent Shepherding and Leadership is what I desire to provide the people of God. To make strong disciples in, for and unto Jesus! I Give You my ENTIRE HEART and LIFE LORD and KING JESUS!

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Exodus 9,10,11
Luke 24

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