Can One Person Make A Difference?

Justin Smith


Genesis 18:32Finally, Abraham said, “Lord, please don’t be angry with me if I speak one more time. Suppose only ten are found there?” And the Lord replied, “Then I will not destroy it for the sake of the ten.”

Genesis 19:36-38As a result, both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their own father. 37When the older daughter gave birth to a son, she named him Moab. He became the ancestor of the nation now known as the Moabites. 38When the younger daughter gave birth to a son, she named him Ben-ammi.He became the ancestor of the nation now known as the Ammonites.


Whether our job is “big” or “small” in the eyes of man, we’ve all battled with the question, “Am I really making a difference?” “Is my job, this assignment, my life really making a difference…AND since it really isn’t”….notice the reflex jump we typically make to the negative…”then do I really need to try so hard, invest so much, and sacrifice so greatly when the reward seems so dismal?” Do I really need to work so hard doing devotions, living in purity, and walking in character? Do I really need to work harder to be cutting edge, relevant, and ever increasing? Again, does it really matter?

Today’s reading out of Genesis presented both sides of how a few individuals can make a world of difference to the masses. The first story, God was going to destroy an entire city for their wickedness. Judgment was pronounced, and it was only a matter of time before the holy hammer was to be dropped. In comes Abraham, one man, interceding on behalf of thousands. After some negotiating, God promises to save the city if 10 Godly people are found. Ultimately, the outcome was that the righteous 10 were not found and the city was destroyed. But just think, if there were 10 out of thousands, they would have been preserved. Next, we read a disturbing interaction of how Lot’s daughters got their father drunk in order to sleep with him and bear his children. The two became pregnant, and their offspring ultimately became Moab and Ammon, great forces and enemies to God’s people.


An unrighteous act by two wicked women would change the face of the Ancient Near East forever, bringing God’s people constant struggle. 10 righteous men, plus Abraham, would have, could have, changed the destiny of thousands. If only the 10 were found they could have been used to deliver the masses and make a difference far greater than they ever dreamed. It wasn’t a matter of “if” these people would have an impact but “how” they would impact, whether for good or evil.

May God find many righteous men and women in New Hope Oahu, and because of that, may He allow His power, His anointing, and His favor to rest here in 2014. May He find people with a Kingdom mindset and an eternal perspective that see the greater cause, the grander plan, and the gigantic reward that awaits those who endeavor and endure. May we remember that individuals inevitably make an impact, and the type of impact is dictated by our choices. May we be a people that make a difference in the lives of thousands this year, and may it start with me.


Heavenly Father,

Thank you that your grace, mercy, and love abound every morning. In 2014 please shape me into a man after your own heart; one of character, integrity, obedience, and righteousness. Please use me in your work, and may your Kingdom be extended, and may you find great delight, in your people at New Hope Oahu.

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Genesis 18,19
Psalms 3
Luke 7

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