His Glory Revealed…WHY?

Rod Shimabukuro


What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him. John 2:11


It was at a covenant celebration, Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine. Sometimes I think we read this passage (and others like it) too quickly, not patiently considering the magnitude and significance of Jesus’ purpose, conflict, the tone of the people/culture. The fact that He, Jesus, who is the Son of God suited up in human skin - revealed His glory.

John states that through signs, He revealed Himself as God who came in the flesh. The miracle meant to point people to God who forgives and reconciles human kind to Himself. I think one the overarching purposes of God revealing Jesus glory is for us, like the disciples, TO BELIEVE!


I want to live differently by acknowledging Jesus presence more than I do His works. I love working for Him, serving Him, doing good uno Him - but my primary purpose is to honor, worship, believe and then live for Jesus! I want more of His presence - not to do great things, perform miracles (which would be great!) - but to know Him more, to grow in Him more.

Out of my believing will flow being and living. Hey - that’s BE.LIeVE.ALOHA!

Believe - then Be - then Live…God’s love! It’s too easy to get caught in “Living Aloha” as works, service, duty - without the heart of worship. Tasks of Aloha are great. But when Aloha comes from the conviction of believing and my inner being…WOW! Then Living Aloha is more Powerful!


WOW Godhead! I’m in love with you ALL! Thank you for opening my spiritual eyes and heart to Your Word. For giving me a believing faith that is growing to know You…All! I Love you Daddie, Jesus and Spirit - 3 in 1! Reveal Your glory…through me!

Devotions for July 31

Isaiah 63,64
Psalms 107
John 2

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