Remember God's Provision

Carl Higashi


Exodus 16:33

Moses said to Aaron, “Take a jar and put an omerful of manna in it, and place it before the Lord to be kept throughout your generations.”


Moses told Aaron to collect and keep the manna in a jar. He did not collect the manna himself, but instead got Aaron to do it for him. Remembering that Aaron was three years older than Moses, yet the younger Moses led the older Aaron through out their life times.

The manna was the food that God gave daily to the Israelites for their survival in the wilderness. The manna was to be collected daily for six days, a double portion on day six so that on the seventh day they would rest. Any manna that was kept rotted the next day except that collected on the sixth day. In spite of their grumbling, God provides food for an ungrateful people. He extends His grace and mercy each day and His people take it for granted.

The keeping of the manna in the presence of The Lord would preserve it for future generations to be reminded, but the manna collected for consumption that was left over collected by the people for their own security would spoil. There is a vast difference between something kept in God's presence versus something outside the presence of God and His will.


Remember God's provision may not always be what I desire. His promise is that He will provide for all my needs, I just need to have a heart of thankfulness and don't grumble. Instead, look to things and situations where He has provided for in the past, gladly receive what He provides currently and never take His provision for granted.

Remember that His greatest gift to me is the broken body of Christ, the Bread of Life. May I always remember that in-spite of my situation whether good or not so good, what God has provided is much more than enough with a heart of gratefulness.


Lord today as I took the whole day to sit at your feet. A Sabbath day of rest and reflecting on your provision. Thank you for reminding me of the amazing grace and mercy that you give me each and every day of my life. As we took communion this past Sunday, I was reminded of the many blessings that keep me inspired each day from my wife and two daughters, to reading the Bible, to sharing life in Christ with our New Hope Ohana, His provision is truly amazing and eternally fulfilling. Thank you Lord for all you provide, may I always remember your grace, mercy and love like that manna in the ark will last eternally. Love you lord with all my heart. in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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Exodus 14,15,16
Acts 2

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