Live It and Teach It!

Carl Higashi


Titus 2:1-5

But as for you, speak the things, which are fitting for sound doctrine. Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance.


Titus was assigned the task overseeing the churches in Crete. Paul gives his protégé’ direction on how to select leaders and shepherd the people in Crete.

Here are the character qualities that the older men are to have, temperate (self-controlled), dignified (statesman), sensible, solid men in faith, love, and perseverance.


At New Hope we are blessed with many ARIS(E)ing young leaders. Many like Titus have responsibilities that affect hundreds if not thousands of people and generations of believers to come.

The Lord reminds me today to examine myself, as I mature in my spiritual walk and age, do I have these character traits down solid and also am I teaching these things to others in my discipleship:

Speak on these things, but more importantly, live these things out in my life!

  1. Temperate – am I doing things in moderation, under control. Things like my eating, my temper, is my speech pleasing to the Lord and filled with the grace.
  2. Dignified – a statesman, one who is truthful, just, peaceful, full of grace, righteous, filled with the wisdom and Spirit of God.
  3. Sensible – one with good perception of situations or of others.
  4. Faith, love, perseverance in Christ! The bible says faith, hope and love are the keys, and they should be lived out!

Lord you are why I get to live, move and breathe. I am reminded that no matter how much I try to live a holy and blameless life, I am fallen, and I will always need a Savior. Thank you Lord for your grace. As I live and grow in my relationship with you Lord, may my actions and the words of my mouth glorify you more each day. May my life reflect a life lived temperate, dignified, sensible, and in full faith, love and perseverance in all circumstances for the glory of Jesus!

Jesus, please help me live it and teach it! These character traits are what the Man of God you have called me to be should be living! May many disciples ARISE at New Hope! In Jesus’ name I pray, that I live them out daily. Love you Lord! Amen.

Devotions for June 30

Amos 7,8,9
Psalms 104
Titus 2

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