Rod Shimabukuro


Bold Faith or Rash Impulses?

John 11:16Then Thomas (also known as Didymus) said to the rest of the disciples, “Let us also go, that we may die with him.”


Thomas is commonly known to be the “Doubter!” He along with the other disciples fled the scene of the gloomy garden, when Jesus was arrested. John records Thomas displaying a bold, courageous statement.

  • Was it just that - a statement? Was it a declaration of bold faith or an impulsive, momentary adrenaline rush - of the fight within him as a man?

Personally, I’d lie to think and believe that Thomas, along with other disciples were men, created with innate will to take stands, to be courageous, to fight for what he believed. But I know for myself- I’ve made bold statements that I would “hope” I could live up to. But left to myself, I would never fulfill being a bold, courageous and spiritually equipped soldier for Christ. I too, even with the best of intentions, would flee, deny, doubt - the God of all gods - the God of All Creation!

My take away leads me to this prayer...


Jesus - I am so thankful that I am reckoned already a dead man! I am alive in Christ, dead to myself by Your love and cross, sealed with Your resurrection and by the Holy Spirit in me! O Godhead - THANK YOU!!!

So me to continue believing, growing in faith to live out a more bold and courageous spiritual leadership...with all my heart, with holy ambitions. Help me to live the empowered life You’ve called me to live...for You! For me to live is Jesus - to die is gain!

Devotions for August 09

Jeremiah 3,4
John 11

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