Trusting what Jesus knows

Rod Shimabukuro

He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he would do. John 6:6

Large crowd followed Jesus and the disciples while they were on a mountain side. Passover was upon them and Jesus set up one of the greatest object lessons for his disciples. We know it as the feeding of the 5000 men, which may have totaled upwards to 20,000 including women and children.

Phillip was chosen by Jesus to answer a pop quiz. Jesus asked him where do we buy bread to feed this massive crowd? Phillip thinking in earthly terms of provision, answered that it wold take months of wages to feed such a gathering - and that would barely be enough.

I don’t like pop quizzes - especially from Jesus. To get put on the spot when there seems to be no logical answer can be humiliating - for me anyway. Maybe this was the point of the test - because Jesus knew what He would do which signified His omni-wisdom and ways. The point that there is no “earthly, logical” answer to this dilemma.

As a New Hope ‘ohana, we are praying for property… with parking :) God already knows His plans, ways and has everything lined up in provision for us. We are His. His church, HIs people, His children. But the test for me is think heavenly - to trust the Super, mega-tron God, to provide in the way He wants to. Property for New Hope would be a supernatural provision - but that’s why we are asking, seeking and praying! To the One who holds His churches and peoples future - to declare His glorious message of eternal hope and love!

I am super excited and thankful for all that God has called us to do - in prayer, in seeking and trusting Him…not only for property - but for the provision that will magnify His name, as the great Son of God!
Dear Father - You are our great God and Daddie. You are a giver of good gifts, to your children - to your church - that we may continue to proclaim Your greatness throughout the earth. I’m asking You to open the foor for your church called NHO. For the property of Your choosing - with parking and then some and all the resources to pay off such a price tag. You are so good! Thank you for testing me - us - your church. We trust what You know!

Devotions for August 04

2 Kings 22
2 Chronicles 34
John 6

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