The Fierce and uncompromising woman

Rod Shimabukuro


I am one of those who are peaceable and faithful in Israel. You seek to destroy a city that is a mother in Israel. Why will you swallow up the heritage of the LORD?” 2 Samuel 20:19


My observation of this woman who was influential among her people, is that she was fierce, bold, uncompromising in truth and grace. Grace? What does grace have to do with a woman who promises Joab the chopped head of Sheba, an opposer of King David.

In v19, this woman responds to Joab, whose men are ready to do battle with Sheba and his men in the city of Abel. She persuades Joab to refrain from battle, and appeals to Joab. She was wise and influential to where she promised the head of Sheba to Jaob. So she convinced the people in the city to kill and behead Sheba.


Well - to my the mother of my kids, thank you for being a fierce and uncompromising woman of God! Beckie has always been the productive, wise Proverbs 31 woman who fears the Lord. But today, I see that my wife like this influential leader in Abel. My wife hates violence but also dislikes my boxing, MMA, combat sports hobbies. But my Beckie is fierce and uncompromising, who makes decisions not based on what’s popular with the crowd.

And the phrase “heritage of the Lord” also strikes me as a quality my Beckie has.She is all about developing her heart, family and others around her - to be apart of of the HERITAGE OF THE LORD.

I want to to live to support, bless, be a part of my wife’s ministry! She’s always - I mean Always been there for me - my ministry, needs, etc. I am so stink in selfish is my problem. I Must - I must - have, keep the attitude of being a husband who support her ministry to others. There’s much to this.... God knows!


Dear Spirit of God.
Thanks for convicting me, revealing to me... this word above. Oh God - Please help me to live out what I believe You are placing in my heart - to be the husband you’ve called me to be - for the ministry of my Covenant. I love You - and I love Your daughter Beckie!

Devotions for May 11

2 Samuel 19,20
Psalms 55
Matthew 28

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