Pastor “MY people” says the Lord

Rod Shimabukuro


1Corinthians 16:12 Now about our brother Apollos: I strongly urged him to go to you with the brothers. He was quite unwilling to go now, but he will go when he has the opportunity.


Paul seems to be conveying a confidence he has in Apollos, urging him to accompany the other disciples on this trip to Corinth. Considering the church’s earlier quarrels and disunity (ch.1) as to what leader they were following, Apollos’ refusal to go may be indicating his sensitivity to the internal “talk or strife” that could be stirred up.

Whatever the case, Paul and Apollos appear to have developed a solid trust and leadership relationship where their own agenda’s, visions, goals are not a focal point. The unity of God’s people uninhibited by territorial walls, factions of jealousy or pride are their pastoral hearts.


The conviction of the Lord in my heart, as a spiritual leader is to be a Jesus centered, Word of God grounded, Spirit empowered shepherd. The evil characteristics of jealousy, pride, selfish ambitions must be put to death among us pastors. We can - and have torn the family of God apart through our insecurities. Masked by vision, great works, programs, pastors can be the worst at making people feel like they belong to us our “our church” rather than promoting His Kingdom family and being Kingdom builders.

The Lord is calling me to pastor people - any and all people “He places in front of me.” That may mean that there are people who used to or currently attend “other churches” who the Lord may place in my path to shepherd. I have an understanding that there is a local church structure, stewardship and accountability - people have to their pastor and vice versa. I sense the Lord saying,“ Pastor MY people - the person(s) I lead you to.”

Whatever "church" people attend - help me to be a KING-dom equipper - for Your glory!


Lord please help me to steward the calling, role and responsibilities You’ve given me at NHO Manoa! Help me to love the people in Your church at Manoa - and the people you lead to me Sunday thru Saturday! My I not give into becoming jealous, territorial, manipulative or self seeking. You are Lord and Head of Your church - and I am Your servant and shepherd.

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Psalms 149
1 Corinthians 15,16

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