Something for "The Rest of Us"

Tim Savage


12Wisdom and money can get you almost anything, but only wisdom can save your life.Ecclesiastes 7


This morning I awoke to the news that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide.He was a famous television personality and chef.He seemingly had it all, he was successful, had power, influence and money.I enjoyed his exotic, insightful and straight-forward TV shows.Earlier this week, Kate Spade, a successful designer, did the same thing.

An acquaintance on FaceBook wrote:I don’t get this. Another one. Living the dream. Had it all, travel, wit, guts, respect, love, family, fame, dinero, laughter, ferocity, passion... His inner story will come out now, and it will be more clear. There will be some deeper piece that was not working for him. There must be.

For the rest of us, I feel we have to figure out why our goals, when met, may be unable to keep us alive... I have my own ideas, but I think it is a question we should all look at inside ourselves.(Please don’t @ me about god, if that is your belief that’s cool. I mean something for the rest of us...🏼️rest of us)"

Obviously, for everything Bourdain had, he didn’t have it all.He wasn’t living the dream, but what is most heart-breaking is the post-script from the FaceBook post because apart from God you will never have it all.As the Proverb says, “…only wisdom will save your life.”It’s the wisdom from the Lord.The world says money, fame and power will bring you joy, happiness and solve all of your problems.Experience shows that this is where problems begin.Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are 2 very surprising, but telling, examples of that those who seem to have everything, don’t, unless they first have God.


Unfortunately, for “the rest of us,” you will never find purpose or answers or light inside of yourself.You will only find emptiness and a sense of unworthiness.Those who know Jesus know peace and joy.As the saying goes, “Know Jesus, know peace.No Jesus, no peace.”In the wake of these 2 very public and high-profile suicides, people will be searching for answers, we that know Jesus must be the example that draws the lost to the Light.We must live in such a way that shows others that with or without money, power or influence we have a joy that surpasses understanding; that we have a purpose that gives us reason to go on.


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that You are made known to the lost.I hope that people find You as the answer to their depression and anxiety. May my life reflect light that will shine in the darkness and show people the way home.

In Jesus name,


Devotions for June 08

Ecclesiastes 7,8,9
Ephesians 4

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